Why Purchase a Used Candela Laser from MedShare Technologies

As a reputable and professional practice, your patients are your lifeblood. You want to ensure that you not only provide and offer safe and effective procedures and treatments, but also perform those procedures with state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide the best possible results for patients.

Used Candela Laser, Gentlemax Pro
However, the ability to utilize a broad range of cosmetic devices in order to offer various medical and aesthetic treatments and procedures can come with a significant cost. Although many medical practices and practitioners would agree that the safety and satisfaction of their patients as well as the reputation of the practice are top priorities, this doesn’t mean that their practices have to go broke. For example, finding a Candela laser that is affordable, valuable, and reliable can be a challenge for your practice. However, you have options, such as purchasing pre-owned medical equipment.

Read on to learn some reasons why purchasing a pre-owned Candela laser might be the best cost effective and valuable solution for your practice.

Why Candela Lasers?

Candela is a leading global manufacturer of cosmetic devices designed to be utilized in various medical-aesthetic treatments, such as body contouring, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation acne treatment, leg veins and cellulite. For medical practitioners and practices that aren’t familiar with Candela’s products and equipment, Candela lasers are extremely versatile and are used in over 85 different countries worldwide.

The Candela laser is a valuable addition to your practice. The use of a Candela laser can allow noninvasive treatments of cosmetic skin conditions, procedures, and improvements, and even decrease patient post-procedure downtime or recovery time. All pre-owned Candela laser systems are tested thoroughly and are compliant with safety standards before being sold.

Why MedShare Technologies?

If you are looking for a Candela laser for your practice, then consider purchasing a pre-owned system with MedShare Technologies. By purchasing a pre-owned Candela laser through MedShare, you can ensure that you are receiving a quality product. MedShare Technologies also offers the following with its products and services:

  • ► Green Light Certification inspection is performed by a trained service technician in order to meet all manufacturers’ specifications
  • ► 30-day parts and labor warranty on most devices
  • ► Shipping care – All products are packaged in a custom medical-grade crate with wooden supports, foam inserts, and shock resistance padding in order to protect the device during delivery
  • ► Domestic delivery is typically 5-10 business days after payment is received
  • ► 24-hour rush delivery options are available
  • ► International delivery and shipping also available
  • ► Full money-back guarantee

MedShare Technologies is among the leading providers of pre-owned aesthetic lasers, and is also proud to be able to offer some of the most competitive pricing on high quality, pre-owned Candela lasers as well as other aesthetic medical equipment and instruments.

At MedShare Technologies, we understand that value is an absolute must in today’s economy. We also want our customers to be able to grow and expand their practices by saving money and providing safe and effective procedures for patients. This is also why we stand by our products and equipment, and ensure that all Candela lasers are fully tested before they are sold. By finding great prices and quality equipment with MedShare Technologies, we pass along the savings to our customers.

To learn more about our equipment, or for more information about pre-owned Candela lasers, contact the team at MedShare Technologies today.