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Located in Dallas, MedShare Technologies is leading the way in the used aesthetic device business.


Until recently, purchasing or reselling your used equipment was a largely confusing and daunting task. We have created a safe and reliable approach for this process led by MedShare Technologies’ CEO and President Chris Cleary.

Cleary, a veteran of the medical device industry for over 15 years, has worked with numerous manufacturers including Candela and Cynosure. He has emphasized providing a high level of customer service to all business partners and instilled a personal drive in his employees to consistently seek out new opportunities and build lasting relationships.

As a company, we have consistently been a top resource for purchasing and selling used aesthetic and cosmetic equipment among dermatologists, medical spas, plastic surgeons, and other brokers and resellers. Additionally, we are beginning to expand into overseas markets and have steadily increased our presence in Asia and Australia.

With the “used aesthetic market” continuing to grow, we only expect demand to increase for systems both domestically and internationally. When working with MedShare Technologies, we provide full resources and support to ensure all your needs in the aesthetic market are met.

By partnering with MedShare Technologies we can guarantee that you will receive the following:

  • Excellent customer service from management and all associates
  • Timely and thorough attention in handling any questions or concerns you may
  • The backing of one of the top companies in the used aesthetics market

The Aesthetic Laser Industry

The Pre-owned Aesthetic and Cosmetic Laser Industry is currently experiencing rapid and wide-spread expansion. It is following the increasing trends of growth that the New Aesthetic Laser Industry experienced 10-15 years ago when the industry began. The secondary or pre-owned market is now widely accepted and becoming the perfect alternative to purchasing new equipment. At MedShare Technologies, we feel we are changing the aesthetic industry by listening to our customers and addressing concerns and desires seen within the pre-owned market.

Currently, we are focused on stocking quality equipment and expanding financing options. We are also proud to own one of the few easily accessible showrooms for viewing pre-owned equipment. In addition to the rapidly growing retail market in the United States, international distributers are also thriving. The aesthetic business in China, Brazil, and Australia is leading this international growth. MedShare Technologies is proud to have already secured reliable relationships within this largely untapped market. Our goal is to become the benchmark of the pre-owned aesthetic equipment industry by maintaining high standards and delivering quality service to our customers in a reliable and efficient fashion.

Knowing the right time to sell a piece of equipment can be difficult.
We are here to help.

  • You are ready to upgrade to a newer model
    – Each year the technology used in laser and aesthetic equipment improves. With a newer model you can achieve better results in laser hair removal, skin tightening, and lipo treatments. What does this mean? Well, it means a significant increase in customer referral and return.
    – Just as your iPhone decreases in value with each new model produced, so does your aesthetic
    equipment. If you are ready to upgrade to a new unit, the faster you can market your older unit, the
    more profit you can yield for your company
  • The unit is no longer bringing profitability to the practice
    – Some markets are better for hair removal, others for skin rejuvenation – Often spa owners and
    doctors purchase a new piece of equipment to expand the market of their practice, perhaps adding
    laser hair removal services or liposuction treatments. Unfortunately, sometimes you can find yourself
    stuck with a unit that just does not fit the area the practice is located. Without the proper flow of
    customers, the unit does not help the business, but hurts it. Often, it is not that all aesthetic
    equipment will not work for the practice, but that the kind that was chosen just is not the right one.
  • Your machine is broken
    –The good news? Many broken units can be repaired. The bad news? Often, you will pay more than it is worth. Many times, it is better to sell your broken unit for parts or what it is worth and purchase a used, newer unit to help increase sales.
    – The longer any unit, especially a broken unit, sits around in the storage of a practice, the more
    value it loses. If you know that having a unit repaired by the manufacturer is too expensive to justify,
    look to selling the unit and possibly replacing it with a newer, working, used unit.
  • You are opening a new practice and looking for equipment that will not break your

    – When you go to open your own practice the last thing you want to do is to break your budget.
    The goal, of course, is to increase profitability and expand your customer base. Often, buying
    aesthetic equipment new will cost the 20-60% more than buying a gently used piece.
    – Often “used” systems are almost brand new, but the price is significantly lower. This will help
    your practice avoid opening with a enormous bill to pay, and instead, make a profit sooner from
    quality treatments you can provide your patients.
  • You are liquidating your practice for retirement
    – The last thing a retiring doctor or practice owner wants to think about while trying to clean out an entire office is what to do with all of the equipment he or she will no longer use. Among organizing, financials, and making sure years of work are in order, who has time to call reseller after reseller to find the best deal? How do you know you are getting a good deal?
    – Though a unit will never resell for its purchase price, reselling the equipment rather than storing it or throwing it away can often help recover a good amount of its cost. Making sure you know the year, shot count, type, make, and model of your unit, while obtaining bright pictures and video of the unit can help increase its profitability. If a buyer can see that your unit, though used, is still in perfect working order you will get the most out of your initial investment.

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